FDSN Event Web Service

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The event web service returns event information in the QuakeML format, GeoJSON format or in text format.
Events may be selected based on location, time, contributor, catalog and internal identifiers.


Below is a full list of service parameters and their usage.
Query: /fdsnws/event/1/query?[query-parameters]
where query-parameters:
start=YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.sss] Optional Start time.
end=YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.sss] Optional End time.
minmag="mag units" Optional Specify minimum magnitude.
maxmag="mag units" Optional Specify maximum magnitude.
mindepth="kilometers" Optional Specify minimum depth.
maxdepth="kilometers" Optional Specify maximum depth.
contributor="contributor" Optional Limit to events contributed by specified contributor.
catalog="catalog" Optional Limit to events from a specified catalog (Default is NCSS).
minlat="degrees" Optional Specify minimum latitude, northern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90].
maxlat="degrees" Optional Specify maximum latitude, southern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90].
minlon="degrees" Optional Specify minimum longitude, western boundary [-180 <= X <= 180].
maxlon="degrees" Optional Specify maximum longitude, eastern boundary [-180 <= X <= 180].
[lat,lon,minradius,maxradius]="degrees" Optional Specify geographic circular bounding area. All lat, lon, minradius & maxradius parameters must be given together.
eventid="evid1,evid2,...,evidn" Optional Specify a comma-delimited list of event identifiers.
magnitudetype="type1,type2,...,typen" Optional Specify a comma-delimited list of magnitude types used for testing the minimum and maximum limits (a,d,dl,h,l,w).
eventtype="type1,type2,...,typen" Optional Specify a comma-delimited list of event types.
includeallmagnitudes=true/false Optional Specify if all magnitudes for the event are included in the output. By default only preferred origin & magnitude information are displayed.
includearrivals=true/false Optional Specify if supporting information such as arrivals, amplitudes and codas are included in the output.
limit="number of events" Optional Limit the results to the specified number of events. Default is 10,000.
offset="event number" Optional Used in conjunction with Limit to window the results. Default is 1. For example: limit=25&offset=50 would show 25 events, starting with event 50.
orderby=time/time-asc/magnitude/magnitude-asc Optional Order the results by time or magnitude.
format=xml/text/geojson Optional Specify output format (Default is xml).
nodata=204/404 Optional Specify which HTML status code is returned when no data is found (Default is 204).
NCEDC extensions to the formal FDSN specifications
includemechanisms=true/false Optional Specify if supporting information such as moment tensors and focal mechanisms are included in the output. Output type is QuakeMl.
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URL: /fdsnws/event/1/query?


Retrieve the WADL associated with this service: application.wadl

Version: FDSN Event Service:1.2.0